Break the Weak Data Status Quo

Data is your brand's biggest asset, but only if it's relevant.

Social Outlier's real-time data platform enables you to customize how you get fresh data that connects you with the right people without the runaround you're used to.

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Stop Buying Your Own Data Back

  • Quit the cookies and spreadsheets.
  • We empower you to build your own customer data graph using 1st-party data combined with third party data sources giving you a clear picture of the consumption behavior of the people who buy your product or service.

Grow Your Brand With Relevant Insights

  • Most platforms pull from months-old, irrelevant data.
  • We give you audience insights driven by your audience's current content consumption behavior. And we filter out old and irrelevant data so you have access to people who are ready to buy now.

Stay Aligned With Your Audience As They Change

  • Current consumer behavior models are flawed and don’t suit the fact that consumer behavior is more erratic than ever.
  • Our data platform enables you to target and segment based on real-time data that changes as quickly as your audience does.

Real-Time Data Leads to Real Connections

Our fully integrated Data As A Service platform self-feeds and gives you real-time behavioral and consumption data you can use for real insights that connect you with the right people.




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We help brands & agencies realize better return on investment than ever before.

Let our mutlifaceted expert team focus on all aspects of your digital strategy so you can focus on running your business.

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